Film faced plywood for construction from Phuong Linh Wood

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Film Faced Plywood is the special plywood with one or two sided film with the hard wood core and using the water – proof glue, film that could be used in various construction site conditions from outdoor to indoor…

Film faced plywood use for making formwork

Film-faced plywood uses for making formwork in construction because of its increased stability and resistance to moisture, ultraviolet radiation, and corrosive chemicals. The film layer and acrylic varnished edges make it more durable and less able to distort when used outdoors in harsh weather and adverse conditions.

Film faced plywood formwork

Film face plywood using as the shuttering boxes

Film-faced plywood is recommended for shuttering boxes as these are used to soothe and restrict wet concrete as it dries. If the shuttering box is made from film-faced plywood then it can last long even in the sunlight. Hence, it can be used several times before being replaced. This saves money as well as keeps things safe.

Film faced plywood from Phuong Linh Wood

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